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Ifu Aniemeka

software engineer/martial artist


Hey there! My name's Ifu and I write code.

My languages of choice are ruby, javascript, python, golang, and elixir (btw, this site was built using the phoenix framework).

I build web applications and machine learning models.

I was a part of the inaugural class of OpenAI Scholars. For 3 months, I worked on a research project under the tutelage of Igor Mordatch🧔🏻, a researcher at OpenAI.

Other subjects I'm interested in include science fiction, martial arts, and how technology can be used to solve humanity's most intractable problems. In my free time, I practice Muay Thai with the awesome folks at ChicagoMMA and martial arts choreography with the Forza Fight stunt team.

Feel free to check out my blog📃 to see what I'm working on.

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