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Ifu Aniemeka

software engineer/martial artist


Hey there! My name's Ifu and I write code.

My languages of choice are ruby, python, javascript, and elixir (btw, this site was built using the phoenix framework ).

I'm currently working with the team at Human Predictions , which is using publicly available data and machine learning to predict when software engineers are open to new jobs. If you're a recruiter looking for folks to add to your dev team, you should definitely check it out!

Prior to my current gig, I was a part of the inaugural class of OpenAI Scholars . For 3 months, I worked on a research project under the tutelage of Igor Mordatch 🧔🏻, a researcher at OpenAI.

Other subjects I'm interested in include science fiction*, martial arts, and how technology can be used to solve humanity's most intractable problems. In my free time, I practice muay thai with the awesome folks at ChicagoMMA and martial arts choreography with the Forza Fight stunt team.

Feel free to check out my blog 📃 to see what I'm working on.

* Wakanda forever

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Feel free to send me a message if you want to work with me or if you just want to chat!